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Can you name the foods that celebrated the famous and the ordinary?

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This Russian 19th century cooking contest winner took the name of a Count
An early-20th-century cheesy pasta dish that a Roman chef invented for his wife; it caught on with the tourists
Ben & Jerry's created this homage to the Grateful Dead
A drink fit for Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey, Viscount Howick, and British Prime Minister (1830–1834)
The 'Florentine Nightingale', an operatic soprano, had this poultry dish named for her in San Francisco
This candy bar introduced in Chicago (1920), named for a young man who frequented the company store and was often commandeered to do odd jobs by calling his name
The developer of the first paper-wrapped penny candy, in New York, 1896, named his confection after his daughter's nickname
The pastry named for the French patron saint of bakers, confectioners, and pastry chefs, the Bishop of Amiens in the 6th century
This much disputed offering developed in Naples in 1889 was clad in the colors of the Italian flag in honor of the queen
Chef Auguste Escoffier heard an opera singer in performance in London in 1892 or 1893 and created this dessert for her
Supposedly a serendipitous mistake, this dessert was made by sisters running a hotel in France
This dish honors the man successful in convincing the French public that potatoes were edible, not poisonous
A famous Russian ballerina inspired this billowy dessert
A British general, victorious in battle, was honored with a dukedom and this famous dish
An intense sauce named for the birthplace of the French king Henry IV
A mother sauce named for a busy man, the maître d'Hotel to Louis XIV who was a financier and ambassador in his spare time
A notable French composer had his name on this dish of soft-boiled eggs, croustades, duchesse potatoes, truffles, mushrooms, and a Madeira sauce
A Tijuana restaurateur created this salad and named it for himself
Created at the insistence of a Delmonico regular, this seafood dish was taken off the menu after a drunken altercation -- only to come back with a new name
French chef Adolphe Dugléré created this dish for the 19th-century courtesan/actress Anna Deslions, a regular customer
The French ambassador to England, also a notable writer of the day, had his chef name this cut of steak and beef dish for him in 1822
A French monk, turned physician, turned famed writer and satirist, was honored in this toothy dish by Delmonico's chef Charles Ranhofer
The New Orleans restaurant Antoine's created this dish in honor of one of America's wealthiest families in 1899
Either named for the deceased child of a U.S. President -- or the most famous baseball player of the day
A French monk living in North Africa at the beginning of the 20th century had a hand in discovering this citrus
The owner of the Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant invented this dish as a late night snack in 1936–1937
In 1951, a regular customer and friend of New Orleans restaurant Brennan's owner Owen Brennan got this dish named for him
A favorite of Louis XV of France had this cauliflower soup named after her
The bane of school lunches, this steak was championed by an early U.S. health food advocate who advised his patients to eat it three times a day
Carbonated beverage (club soda, 7Up, or Sprite), grenadine, and a maraschino cherry took on the name of this child star in the 1930s

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