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Can you name the movies that have the names of places in their title?

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Joan Blondell; Peggy Ann Garner; Dorothy McGuire
Tom Hanks; Denzel Washington
Robert De Niro; Jonathan Pryce
Forest Whitaker; Robin Williams
Claudette Colbert; Joel McCrea
Renee Zellweger; Catherine Zeta-Jones
William Holden; Gloria Swanson
Daniel Day-Lewis; Cameron Diaz; Leonardo DiCaprio
Tom Hanks; Meg Ryan
Alec Guinness; Peter O'Toole; Anthony Quinn; Omar Sharif
Robert Redford; Meryl Streep
Marlene Dietrich; Burt Lancaster; Spencer Tracy
Kim Basinger; Russell Crowe; Guy Pearce; Kevin Spacey
Billy Crystal; Debra Winger
Lauren Bacall; Humphrey Bogart; Edward G. Robinson
Robert De Niro; Chazz Palminteri
James McAvoy; Forest Whitaker
Woody Allen; Diane Keaton; Meryl Streep
Alec Guinness; Jack Hawkins; William Holden
Pierce Brosnan; Geoffrey Rush
Robert De Niro; Elizabeth McGovern; James Woods
Nicolas Cage; Elizabeth Shue
Steve Buscemi; William H. Macy; Frances McDormand
Daniela Bianchi; Sean Connery
Willem Dafoe; Gene Hackman; Frances McDormand
Cary Grant; Katharine Hepburn; Jimmy Stewart
Nicolas Cage; Holly Hunter
Tom Berenger; Jeff Daniels; Stephen Lang; Martin Sheen
Leslie Caron; Gene Kelly
Jean Arthur; Jimmy Stewart
Eric Bana; Orlando Bloom; Brad Pitt
Gary Cooper; Marlene Dietrich
Chris Cooper; James Earl Jones
Brad Pitt; David Thewlis
Don Cheadle; Sophie Okonedo; Joaquin Phoenix
Christian Bale; Russell Crowe
Eddie Murphy; Judge Reinhold
Ingrid Bergman; Humphrey Bogart; Claude Rains
Judy Garland; Margaret O'Brien
Peggy Ashcroft; Victor Banerjee; Judy Davis; Alec Guinness

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