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Can you name the elements, given a description of the mythological root of its name?

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MythologyElementDescription of Namesake
Greekmysterious epithet adopted by Athena
Greekmessenger and goddess of rainbows
Greekrace of deities overthrown by the Olympians
Romanmessenger and god of trade
Norsealternate name of Freyja, goddess of fertility
Romangod of water and the sea
Greekimmoral ruler and inhabitant of Tartarus
GreekTitan goddess of the Moon
GreekTitan god of the Sun
MythologyElementDescription of Namesake
Romangoddess of agriculture and fertility
Greekheroic founder of Thebes
Greco-Romangod of wealth and the underworld
Romanprimordial goddess of the Earth
Greekprimordial god of the sky
Norsegod of thunder and strength
Greekhubristic daughter of Tantalus
Greekabductee and lover of Zeus
GreekTitan deity and creator of mankind

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