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Can you name the famous short stories that open with these lines?

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Opening LineShort StoryAuthor
The grandmother didn't want to go to Florida.Flannery O'Connor
There's a guy like me in every state and federal prison in America, I guess...Stephen King
The sexton stood in the porch of Milford meetinghouse, pulling busily at the bell rope.Nathaniel Hawthorne
Saturday afternoon she drove to the bakery in the shopping center.Raymond Carver
The hills across the valley of the Ebro were long and white. Ernest Hemingway
Just recently, by air mail, I received an invitation to a wedding that will take place in England on April 18th. J. D. Salinger
One dollar and eighty-seven cents.O. Henry
They were new patients to me, all I had was the name, Olson.William Carlos Williams
There was no hope for him this time: it was the third stroke.James Joyce
For the most wild, yet most homely narrative which I am about to pen, I neither expect nor solicit belief.Edgar Allan Poe
Leroy Moffitt’s wife, Norma Jean, is working on her pectorals.Bobbie Ann Mason
Ennis Del Mar wakes before five, wind rocking the trailer, hissing in around the aluminum door and window frames.Annie Proulx
I read about it in the paper, in the subway, on my way to work.James Baldwin
As long ago as 1860 it was the proper thing to be born at home.F. Scott Fitzgerald
In the old days of King Arthur, of whom Britons speak great glory, this land was entirely filled with fairy power.Geoffrey Chaucer
On 25 March an unusually strange event occurred in St. Petersburg.Nikolai Gogol
Wash the white clothes on Monday and put them on the stone heap...Jamaica Kincaid
Downstairs, Meatball Mulligan's lease-breaking party was moving into its 40th hour.Thomas Pynchon
There was a man and a dog too this time.William Faulkner
Her name was Connie.Joyce Carol Oates

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