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Can you name the Bible books by their famous verses translated into LOLCat?

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LOLCatBible BookVerse
Jebus saiz, 'Scuse me? Yu iz not knowin me? Yu seez me, yu seez Ceiling Cat. Wai yu not getz it?'
Den Paul tuched teh desypulz an teh HovrCat gots insaids dem. Den teh desypulz startid shaykings an baykings an dey tawlked reel funni, liek they bited teh toastr cords.
Doant worshp idolz. Ceiling Cat DO NOT WANT!
An Ceiling Cat sed 2 noah, 'i iz gonna pwnz the whole urf cuz teh urf has mor evilz An vilents then WoW An grand theft auto.'
Wen teh israelkitteh sawd Goliath dey got reel scard n peed ther pantz.
Eight days aftr kitteh coems out, snip teh harbl liek I showd u.
After teh Passover partay wuz over, Jebus decideded to stays der at da temmple.
Den aftr diz ___ open hiz mouf and curseded the day he cames out of hiz mommiez, and he wuz emo.
LOLCatBible BookVerse
And as thay eated, Ceiling Cat Jr. sez, 'Guess what? 1 of youz gonna pwn mee.'
I is writing to evrybdy in Rome who Ceiling Cat luvs. An may Ceiling Cat gives u cheezbrgrs an u can has cookiez.
Say 'hai' to a da kittehz ovar dere were u is. Sum kittehs frum Italee says, o hai. Luv frum Ceiling Cat to evree kittehs!
Nebuchadnezzar set teh giant microwayve to hi powar! An he put Shadrach, Meshach, an Abednego innit so they wus xtra tosties.
So da next day all da animals of the Egypshuns gots run ova by Monorail Cat.
Da king cat sed: 'Cut dat kittn inta 2 biet-sizd peecez anna gib one biet 2 each catwomn!'
Delilahz wuz liek 'u maed me luk stoopid. how do Iz tye u up?' Samzon sed 'tie meh up wit teh new ropez bby.'
An Basement Cat is frown in a basement of fartz, wiv other evil kittehz to burn 24 7 forevers. Sry.

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