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Can you name the different phyla of Bacteria?

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Very diverse Gram-negative, includes E. coli1705
Usually Gram-positive, low GC, spore forming824
Usually Gram-positive, high GC, make antibiotics696
Gram-negative, non-spore forming, anaerobic342
Photosynthetic, nitrogen fixing, similar to chloroplasts93
Small, lack peptidoglycan, includes Mycoplasma84
Gram-negative, spiral shaped, flagellated73
Common in soil, wart shaped24
Have complex internal structure, including a nucleoid21
Gram-negative monoderm (toga), often thermophilic20
Gram-negative, photosynthetic, non-sulfur oxidizing19
Gram-negative, often pathogenic, biofilm forming18
Gram-negative, anaerobic, rod shaped, LPS negative15
Often thermophiles or halophiles, Gram-negative13
Common in soil, often at low pH12
Intracellular pathogens, can be sexually transmitted12
Gram-negative, photosynthetic, sulfur oxidizing12
Nitrate oxidizing, aquatic, Gram-negative10

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