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Forced Order
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Start of lineend of lineno. of words
I used to3
Seas would5
Now in the morning I2
Sweep the 5
I used to 3
Feel the fear in my2
Listen as the3
Now the old king is dead!4
One minute I held2
And I discovered that my2
I hear4
Roman calvary3
Be my mirror,4
My missionaries in a2
For some reason 3
Once you go3
Never an2
(Whole line!)7
It was5
Blew down the doors to3
Start of lineend of lineno. of words
Shattered windows and the3
People couldn't believe3
For my head on a 2
Just a puppet4
Oh, 7
I hear4
Roman cavalry3
Be my mirror,4
My missionaries in a2
For some reason3
I know St.5
Never an2
(Whole line again!)7
(Now the chorus again, whole line each time!)6
(keep going!)5
(It's spelled St.)8
(1 more line!)4
(THIS IS IT!)7...

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