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Can you name the anime/manga/game by their Sankaku Complex appositives?

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Sexual combat anime
World peace anime
Godly Shinto anime
Sexy manga par excellence
Top lesbian BDSM boob battle anime franchise
Zombie moe anime
Himiko molestation anime
Combat butler anime
Miniature buster anime
Mini-mecha-musume anime
Total SM love comedy non-ero-manga
Top generic harem anime
Sit-down comedy anime
Highly popular holy men manga
Hit witch shooter
Dynamite daimyo anime
Slice of moe anime
Much criticised yet strangely popular sexy/sexist RPG series
3DS boob beat-’em-up
Studio roulette anime
Massive oppai anime
Wanko anime
Saucy ramen anime
Brutally realistic MMORPG anime
Body-switching moeblob anime
Famed quasi-incest anime
Yuriblob anime
JKs in space anime
Top moeblob RPG
Gunmoe anime
Bodily fluids exchange anime
Ghostly service anime
Moeblob extravaganza
Nopan mahjong anime
Outer moe anime
Porcophile anime
Chikuwa anime
Oral insertion anime
Schoolgirl zombie slay-’em-up
Eyepatch moe anime
Top guro anime
Loli basketball anime
Not so generic oppai anime
Marketing paradise anime
Saucy mecha anime
4chan-originated cripple-fancying game

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