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Can you name the person/character/organization by their Sankaku Complex appositives?

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Scandal seiyuu
Ore no Imouto mahou shoujo mascot and Kiririn favourite
Powerful mahou shoujo
Evil Sega quality Miku sensation
Lovely alchemist
First Lieutenant of the Imperial Guard
Moeblob seiyuu
AKB48 imouto group
Top love doll maker
Loli Misaka clone
Ace Karlslander witch
Palmtop tiger
Bakemonogatari cutie
Expert fighter and hotpants wielder
Animal rights maniacs
Magical puella ultima
Paipan ero-cosplay queen
Top ero-cosplayer
Eccentric outer god
Goddess of yuriblobs
Holographic princess
Teutonic mistress of the skies
Top ero-figure manufacturer
Ukrainian exhibitionist protest group
Eccentric blogging idol
Yandere stalker
Hacker collective
“Super-carnivore” AKB48 idol
Tokyo’s dear leader
Singer seiyuu
Finland’s precious moe ambassador
Top Japanese porn star
Definitely not a Miku rip-off
Lovely shrine maiden
Arland’s second sweetest alchemist
Leather-clad but not wholly conventionally sexy dullahan
Cute pettanko fraulein
Scandal-wracked moeblob seiyuu
Cute ghost ‘blob
Beautiful crybaby mermaid princess
Adorable akuma
Death metal hag
Ill-fated homunculus
Sword-wielding magical girl
Cute mage prodigy
Loli vampire
Spicy wolf
Tsundere sadist

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