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1930s - 1950s
Broadcast from a different factory canteen each week this variety programme was designed to boost morale in wartime Britain. 
Insane comedy starring Spike Milligan, Harry Secombe and Peter Sellers. 
Set aboard HMS Troutbridge this nautical comedy starred Leslie Philips who had the popular catchphrase 'left hand down a bit'. 
Kenneth Horne and Richard Murdoch starred in this show set on a fictional RAF base, the lyrics to the closing theme tune were sung by the cast and changed each week to reflect the plot of each episode. 
Broadcast throughout WWII and featuring Tommy Handley and Hattie Jacques the title of this show refered to the ever frequent news headlines concerning Hitler. 
Ensemble sketch show lead by Jimmy Edwards, also featuring June Whitfield, a regular feature of the show was The Glums which was later transferred to TV. 
Sitcom starring Ted Ray, it also featured a young Peter Sellers. 
Ventriloquism on the radio! (Seriously Peter Brough did his ventriloquist act on the radio, it's genius if you think about it, who would ever know if your lips moved?) 
Stars adult comedian Jimmy Clitheroe as an eleven year old schoolboy. 
Stars Arthur Askey and Richard Murdoch, was adapted into a film in 1940. 
1960s - 1970s
Panel show were celebrity contestants must speak on a subject for 60 seconds without hesitation, repetition or deviation. 
Follow up to Beyond Our Ken fronted by Kenneth Horne this show also featured Kenneth Williams, Hugh Paddick, Betty Marsden and Bill Pertwee. 
MORNINGTON CRESCENT!!!!! Ahem, sorry, I mean the antidote to panel games. 
Comedy which originated in the Cambridge University Revue Cambridge Circus, starred John Cleese and Bill Odie aong others and featured the character Angus Prune. 
News based panel show currently hosted by Sandi Toksvig. 
Douglas Adams' legendary sci-fi comedy which was adapted into good books, an OK TV show and an appalling film. 
Comedy presented in the style of a correspondence course providing lessons in dynamic living. 
Originally starred Wilfrid Hyde-White and Richard Murdoch as bumbling civil servants working in the General Assistance Department. 
Topical comedy starring Roy Hudd, June Whitfield and Chris Emmett. 
Ronnie Barker sketch based comedy. 
1980s - 1990s
Sitcom set in Hell written by and starring Andy Hamilton. 
Topical news based comedy fronted by Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis. 
Set in the town of Spent (changed to Royston Vasey for TV) stars Mark Gatiss among others. 
Stephen Fry stars as investigative report David Lander as he uncovers scandals and cover ups. 
British Asian sketch show featuring the famous 'going out for an English' sketch. 
Chat show hosted by Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge. 
Features Britains first national local radio station. 
Improvisation based gameshow hosted by Clive Anderson which worked much better when transferred to TV, was also adapted for American TV and was hosted by Drew Carey. 
Spoof documentary series starring Chris Langham as Roy mallard. 
Radio sequel to Dad's Army, centred around the rebuilding of the town's pier. 
2000 - present
Written by and starring Andy Hamilton and Jay Tarses, set in Baltimore just prior to the American Revolutionary war. 
Follows the incompetent crew of MJN Air's one aircraft, Stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Roger Allam 
Dickensian spoof featuring Pip Binn, Harry Biscuit and Mr Gently Benevolent (ironically the most evil of men). 
Historical comedy set in the fictional Cornish town of Drumlin Bay and following the smuggling exploits of Tamsyn Trelawney. 
Written by and starring Marcus Brigstocke, Danny Robbins and Dan Tetsell the tourist attraction mentioned in the title features such attractions as Badgerland and Bagshot Grange. 
Matt Lucas and David Walliams comedy which later transferred to TV. 
Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt sureal comedy set in Bob Fossil's Fun World. 
Follows the most inept group of code breakers at Bletchley Park during WWII. 
Sally Phillips stars as the title character, a social worker at the Sparrowhawk family centre. 
Impresionist show featuring John Culshaw and Jan Ravens, later transferred to TV.  

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