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Can you name the wrestlers who once had these gimmicks?

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Blazingly Difficult GimmickWrestler NameTerrible Clues
 He donned a yellow mask.
 Quoth Scotty Flamingo!
 What a sore tooth!
 He used four horses.
 Gimmick for the turkeys.
 Say his name three times.
 He is a skyscraper of a man.
 He was the first Max Moon.
 No clue.
Blazingly Difficult GimmickWrestler NameTerrible Clues
 Who is Jeremiah Ross?
 He could lift a bulldozer.
 Teamed with Paul Roma.
 Bad gimmicks was his gimmick.
 He sure could smash things.
 Was he found of Hugh Hefner?
 I smell something burning.
 Bad gimmicks were his gimmick too.

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