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One hit wonder who got his hit alongside 'DJ EZ-Rock'
Rapper who is part of Linkin Park
Member of the Wu-Tang Clan who considered himself crazy
Former N.W.A member that later converted to Islam
Was crowned the fastest rapper alive in 1992 by Guiness
Female rapper that worked with Death row back in the 90's, but never got an album but had her own song on Snoop Dogg's album 'Doggystyle
Worked with alot of rappers, usually west coast rappers, and often sang the chorus
One of the two members in Public Enemy, who carries around a clock his neck
Rapper that was host for the TV show 'Pimp my ride'
The rapper that started the phrase 'Death To Molly'
Rapper that dated Rihanna while she and Chris Brown were having a fallout
The rapper that made the original '99 Problems' that Jay Z later covered
Rapper that got caught having sex with Madonna on a video

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