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Can you name the true identities of these Marvel characters??

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Secret IdentitiesCostumed Names
Charles Xavier
James Howlett (Logan)
Ororo Muroe
Scott Summers
Jean Grey
Warren Worthington III
Piotr Rasputin
Katharine 'Kitty' Pryde
Anna Marie
Remy Lebeau
Kurt Wagner
Robert 'Bobby' Drake
Hisako Ichiki
Page Guthrie
Sean Cassidy
Henry McCoy
Alex Summers
Sam Guthrie
Amara Aquilla
Theresa Cassidy
Rahne Sinclar
Lucas Bushop
James Poudstar
Emma Frost
Neal Shaara
Sarah Knuckey
Elizabeth Braddock
Lorna Dane
Danger Room
Danielle 'Dani' Moonstar
Hope Summers
Tyrone Johnson
Tandy Bowen
Secret IdentitiesCostumed Names
Nathan Summers
Jubilation Lee
Neena Thurman
Wade Wilson
Charlie-Cluster 7
Laura Kinney
Steven 'Steve' Rogers
Anthony 'Tony' Stark
Hank Pym
Janet Van Dyne
Donald Blake
Bruce Banner
Clinton 'Clint' Barton
Jessica Jones
Carl Lucas
Carol Danvers
Jessica Drew
Wanda Maximoff
Pietro Maximoff
Victor Shade
Sam Wilson
Jonathan 'Jack' Hart
Greer Nelson
Simon Williams
James Barnes
Steven Strange
Maya Lopez
Jennifer Walters
Reed Richards
Susan Storm
Johnny Strom
Ben Grimm
Secret IdentitiesCostumed Names
James Hudson
Jean-Paul Beaubier
Jeanna-Marie Beaubier
Walter Langkowski
Eugene Judd
Max Maximoff
Mortimer Toynbee
John Allerdyce
Fred Dukes
Vitor Creed
Thomas Cassidy
Dominic Pertos
Cain Marko
Flint Marko
Blackagar Boltagon
Medusalith Boltagon
Crystallia Maximoff
Yuriko Oyama
Christopher Nord
Nathaniel Essex
Gabriel Summers
William 'Billy' Kaplan
Teddy Altman
Elijah 'Eli' Bradley
Cassandra Lang
Kate Bishop
Thomas Shepherd
Nathaniel Richards
Norrin Radd

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