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Can you name the Marvel Civil War Facts?

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Leader o the Resistance
Leader of the Registration Act
Wolverine's side
Director of SHIELD
Caps assassin
First destination of the Civil War
Final fighting place of the War
Who shot Cap 3 times?
Namor's side
Who killed Goliath
T-F: Thor was in the War?
Invisible Woman's side
T-F: The Hulk was not in the War.
T-F: Captain America did not die.
Director of SHIELD after the War
Who takes Caps place?
Who brought Cap back from the 1940s
Who won the Civil War
Nick Fury's side
Who deactivated Clone Thor?
Falcons side
Cyclops's side
Who did Spider Man give up to save Aunt May?
Beast's side
Who ended the War?
Who did Iron Man ask to take Caps place?
Who did Spider Man go to, to save Aunt May?
Who came up with the Registration Act?
Cloak & Dagger's side
T-F: Cap was buried with his shield.
Cables side
Human Torches side
Ms Marvel's side
Lady Deathstrike's side
T-F: Hawkeye was not in the Civil War

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