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Gringott's vault number where the philosopher's (sorcerer's) stone was hidden
What age did Sirius Black leave home? (to live at the Potter's)
Whose patronus is a fox?
Name the owner of the campsite where Harry and the Weasley's stayed for the Quidditch world cup
Name one of Mrs Figg's cats
How many people signed up for Dumbledore's army at the Hog's Head?
What is Gilderoy Lockhart's favourite colour?
What creatures did Gilderoy Lockhart bring to his first DADA lesson with Harry?
Name the correspondence course in beginners magic that Filch follows?
Who leads the headless hunt?
Name Percy Weasley's girlfriend?
In what year did Dumbledore defeat Grindelwald?
What did Lee Jordan have on Harry's first ever journey on the Hogwart's express?
What colours were the jumpers Mrs Weasley makes Fred and George in their first year?
What date were Harry's parents killed?
Where does Dumbledore have a map of the London Underground?
Voldemort's (original) wand wood and core
Where is Quirrell said to have met Vampires?
Which werewolf bit Lupin?
What stone can be taken from a stomach of goat?
What does moody transfigure Malfoy into?
Mr Lovegood's first name
Buckbeaks alias
Name Buckbeak's intended Executioner
Who wants to re-introduce flying carpets to Britain?
Name of the Quidditch world cup final referee?
Name of Dudley's best friend
Ron's first kiss
Peverell brothers' names
Where Grindelwald went to school

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