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Forced Order
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You belong to the gang / And you say you can't break away
Ambling madly all over the town / The call to arms you likened to a whisper
There is a road that meets the road that goes to my house / And how the green grows there
In matching blue raincoats / Our shoes were our showboats / We kicked around
As you lie before me now, like a shadow / On a pea green sea
Here on these cliffs of Dover / So high you can't see over
I fell on the playing field / The work of an errant heel
It was a cold night / And the snow lay around
Here she comes in her palanquin / On the back of an elephant
I had entered into a marriage / In the summer of my 21st year
There is a city by the sea / A gentle company / I don't suppose you want to
We set to sail on a packet full of spice, rum, and tea leaves
Margaret, array the rocks around the hole before we're sinking
And under the boughs unbowed / All clothed in a snowy shroud
And here I dreamt I was a soldier / And I marched the streets of Birkenau
Rambling, where to begin / I tasted summer on your peppery skin
'Thou unconsolable daughter,' said the sister / 'When will thou trouble the water in the cistern?'
On the lam from the law / On the steps of the capitol / You shot a plain clothes cop on the ten o'clock
There's a wrinkle in the water / Where we laid our first daughter
There's a place your mother goes / When everybody else is soundly sleeping

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