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Can you name the Supreme Novice Hurdle runners of the 1980s?

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1989J Pitman
1980B Brindley
1981D Hughes
1985P Mullins
1986J Francome
1987N Smith
1989D Barons
1982P Prendergast
1988J Edwards
1988J Jenkins
1984A Moore
1980J Blundell
1981F Walwyn
1988M Pipe
1986B McMahon
1987, 1988M O'Toole, K Bailey
1987G Stack
1986A Geraghty
1980A Jarvis
1989E O'Grady
1981N Henderson
1984W Warney
1982M O'Toole
1985A Moore
1982G Kindersley
1982A McNamara
1980F Rimell
1980J Gifford
1984M Dickinson
1986G Jones
1980L Carrod
1983M Morris
1986J Scott
1988T Curtin
1983A Scott
1980J Edwards
1980M O'Toole
1985M Pipe
1983P Wigham
1987F Winter
1982P Taylor
1985R Hodges
1980M Oliver
1984M O'Toole
1987O O'Neill
1986C Holmes
1983D Nicholson
1989O Sherwood
1987G Hubbard
1986M Dickinson
1986J Fitzgerald
1980P McCreery
1989O Sherwood
1980E O'Grady
1986P Osborne
1988F Winter
1986J Edwards
1983M Dickinson
1983N Henderson
1985C Holmes
1981W Rock
1989J Bolger
1989J Webber
1983H Ford
1986D Elsworth
1984M Rimell
1984D Nicholson
1981F Winter
1988R Gow
1987A Bailey
1981S Griffiths
1988J Gifford
1985M Rimell
1984M Cunningham
1988D Nicholson
1982, 1983W Morgan
1988R Mitchell
1980J Maxwell
1983J Scott
1989M Morris
1980G Fairbairn
1982F Winter
1985J Wilson
1981J McManmon
1987S Woodman
1984D McDonagh
1987D Nicholson
1987, 1988F Walwyn
1984N Henderson
1988R Casey
1986D McCain
1985F Walwyn
1988D Elsworth
1986F Lee
1986S Mellor
1989P Mullins
1980B Cambridge
1989K Morgan
1982E O'Grady
1985S Woodman
1986F Winter
1988M Pipe
1988J Gifford
1985M Easterby
1984M Lambert
1985N Vigors
1981J Thorne
1988R Lee
1980A Moore
1987J Scott
1985D Tucker
1981R Turnell
1986P Prendergast
1989J Jenkins
1983S Mellor
1986C Tnetline
1989M O'Toole
1985N Henderson
1989P Flynn
1982A Finch
1986T Hallett
1988J Mulhern
1980J Gifford
1985N Tinkler
1986J Pitman
1982D Hughes
1985F Lee
1983D Smith
1988M Morris
1984P Mullins
1980M Pipe
1987J Gifford
1988G Hubbard
1986N Twiston-Davies
1985G Richards
1986M Pipe
1982A Geraghty
1989J Gifford
1983D Morley
1984R Whitford
1980D Nicholson
1987M Halford
1982D Elsworth
1986O Sherwood
1985A Scott
1987M Morris
1988N Henderson
1981C Thornton
1981M Easterby
1984E O'Grady
1988R Armytage
1981A Jarvis
1987A Turnell
1988, 1989P Mullins
1988M Jarvis
1980D Elsworth
1985A Sinclair
1985M Dickinson
1984J Gifford
1984D Thom
1986N Henderson
1988F Dunne
1989D Elsworth
1981P Barley
1980F Rimell
1980F Rimell
1985J Gifford
1982M Easterby
1983J King
1985F Winter
1981D Nicholson
1982M Easterby
1986D Smith
1983P McCreery
1982S Pattermore
1986A Leahy
1985M Dickinson
1985J Murphy
1982D Elsworth
1983R Lomax
1980A Geraghty
1980L Browne
1987J Pitman
1985D Nicholson
1989M Pipe
1987J Fitzgerald
1980R Hawker
1980A Jarvis
1981A Rumsey
1985D Hughes
1982D Nicholson
1980R Turnell
1984J Gifford
1983P Mullins
1989B Hills
1983N Gaselee
1983L Kennard
1985Z Green
1983J Edwards
1987G Richards
1988A Turnell
1987R Hodges
1982R Hickman
1985J Pitman
1985O Sherwood
1986M Naughton
1985G Richards
1981N Henderson
1984J Webber
1982H de Bromhead
1983J Crowley
1988G Harwood
1980L Kennard
1983W Durkan
1983M Scudamore
1986A Moore
1987P Hughes
1985A Turnell
1989J Edwards
1984J Clark
1986J Edwards
1989M Easterby
1986M Dickinson
1989M Easterby

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