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Can you name the things with the initials M.A through M.Z?

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R.A.A trained peer leader who supervises those living in a residence hall or group housing facility
R.B.A carbonated soft drink made from extracts of certain plants and herbs
R.C.An international organization that cares for the wounded, sick, and homeless in wartime, according to the terms of the Geneva Convention of 1864, and now also during and following natural disasters
R.D.U.S.-based monthly magazine first published in 1922
R.E.This video game made its 1996 debut on the Sony PlayStation and later on the Sega Saturn
R.F.An American country band that originated in Columbus, Ohio
R.G.A river, about 3,033 km (1,885 mi) long, rising in southwest Colorado and flowing generally south through central New Mexico to southwest Texas, where it turns southeast and forms the U.S.-Mexican border for the rest of its course
R.H.A legendary English outlaw of the 12th century, famous for his courage, chivalry, and practice of robbing the rich to aid the poor
R.I.The smallest state in the U.S.
R.J.American porn star who has starred in over 1,500 adult films
R.K.Snap, Crackle, Pop
R.L.Legendary fashion designer known for his Polo line of clothing
R.M.Founded in 1902, this professional football club is based in Spain.
R.N.I, II, III, IV, V...
R.O.A form of legal injunction that requires a party to do, or to refrain from doing, certain acts
R.P.An American media personality, occasional actor[3] and singer,[4] known for hosting talk and game shows from the 1950s to the present
R.Q.This is a dimensionless number used in calculations of basal metabolic rate when estimated from carbon dioxide production
R.R.A game of chance in which each player in turn spins the cylinder of a revolver loaded with only one cartridge and presses the trigger with the barrel against his own head
R.S.The long narrow body of water between northeast Africa and the Arabian Peninsula
R.T.The extent to wish an investor is willing to accept more liability in exchange for the possibility of a higher return
R.U.A unit of measure used to describe the height of equipment intended for mounting
R.V.Something such as a camper or motor home, used for traveling
R.W.American actress, author and sex symbol
R.X.Electromagnetic radiation image of your rectum
R.Y.Billy Idol wants More! More! More!
R.Z.Academy Award winning director for Forrest Gump

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