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Can you name these books created by removing one letter from a real work of literature?

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Plot of Fake BookTitle of Book with Missing LetterAuthor of Real Book
The injury prone backup quarterback of the Cowboys seems forbidden love with a woman from a rival team.William Shakespeare
John the Savage, Bernard, and Linda takes soma and ecstasy before attending a techno dance party.Aldous Huxley
George Milton and Lenny Small are truck drivers in the frozen Alaska tundra, trying to make enough money so they can settle down and live in an igloo.John Steinbeck
Fifty members of the Buendia family listen for signs of unusual events in the city of Macondo. Unfortunately, they didn’t hear the hurricane coming. Gabriel Garcia Marquez
The March Sisters discovers that Meg’s child has a birthmark of three sixes on his scalp and is actually the anti-Christ. Louisa May Alcott
In the post-apocalyptic Republic of Gilead, Of-fred and other women are kept subjugated for the sole purpose of brewing beer under warm conditions. Margaret Atwood
The autobiography of Pennywise the Clown, who terrorizes seven children by exploiting their fears and phobias. Stephen King
Benjy and Quentin, members of the Compson family in Mississippi, adopt a puppy together. Unfortunately, the dog will not stop yapping and barking. William Faulkner
A Star Wars heroine gets caught up in sadomasochist thriller with a wealthy entrepreneur in the galaxy. E.L. James
Elizabeth Gilbert's memoir about getting the check after a date night at a restaurantElizabeth Gilbert
Edward and Bella team up with Jacob to protect their new calf from the Volturi Stephanie Meyer
A carnivorous Lutrinae finds out about his secret magical past and enrolls in a wizarding school.JK Rowling

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