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Can you name the Leverage: Sophie's identities?

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Episode (description)Role
The Two Live Crew Job (died in the end)
The Morning After Job (law client)
The Mile High Job (plays a french woman)
The Tap-Out Job (boxing scout)
The Stork Job (princess)
The Homecoming Job (auditioned for a commercial)
The King George Job (dutchess)
The Morning After Job (lawyer)
The Homecoming Job (Executive Orders defense contractor)
The Top Hat Job (magician's manager)
The Two-Horse Job (wears big hats)
The Bank Shot Job (works in the bank)
The Big Bang Job (poses as Mr. Atherton's wife)
The Rashomon Job (second alias: museum worker)
The Miracle Job (reporter)
The Big Bang Job (Representative)
The Gone Fishin' Job (has fake mutual friends with Mr. Whitman )
The Wedding Job (wedding planner)
The Inside Job (fires everyone)
The Snow Job (does luge)
The Mile High Job (Doctor Who reference to Sarah Jane Smith)
The 12-Steps Job (rehab counselor)
The Underground Job (the coal-tin woman)
The Juror #6 Job (half Indian)
The Three-Card Monte Job (pretends to be drunk)
Episode (description)Role
The Nigerian Job (works in South Africa)
The First David Job (plays an Italian woman)
The Second David Job (plays a doctor from Egypt)
The Beantown Bailout Job (shoots eliot)
The Reunion Job (pretends to be a former classmate)
The Boost Job (works in car sales)
The Order 23 Job (plays a sick patient)
The Fairy Godparents Job (plays a teacher)
The San Lorenzo Job (the future wife of presidential candidate)
The Boiler Room Job (controller general of the UK)
The Jailhouse Job (campaign manager)
The Double Blind Job (pretends to be a real person)
The Reunion Job (alumni committee)
The Studio Job (record producer)
The Underground Job (mine safety coalition spot inspector)
The Rashomon Job (first alias:dutchess)
The Two-Horse Job (journalist for sports illustrated)
The Grave Danger Job (calls as a neighbor)
The Carnival Job (house designer)
The Experimental Job (fake crime novelist)
The Office Job (emotioneer)
The Boiler Room Job (chocolate whisperer)
The Gold Job (History Professor)
The Hot Potato Job (security consultant for verdagra)

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