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Atiny things that fall off of fat people
Bplays Rose Tyler
Cmetal men that don't like emotions
Dgreatest enemy of The Doctor
EThe Ninth Doctor
Fthe big face in the episode 'Gridlock'
GThe Almost People
Hfinish the episode title: The ______ Earth
Ifinish the episode title: The _______ Astronaut
JRose Tyler's mom
Krobot dog
Lthe episode where River regenerates for the last time
Mthe next companion after Rose
NDonna's last name
Oholds a second brain in their hands
Pdrinks all the blood from a person with a straw
Qmakes the weeping angels unable to move while being seen
Rwife of The Doctor
Sa religious order
Tblue police box The Doctor travels in
Ufinish the episode title: The ____ and the Wasp
Vthe darkness that strips the flesh off anything
Wthey kill you if you blink
XSarah-Jane's computer species
Ythe face of boe's last words
Zthe prisoner who came through the crack in Amy's room

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