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Legion History
This Legion was created by Nero out of marines based at Misenum, but was not officially inauguarted until the accession of Galba after Nero's death.
This Legion originally bore the title Augustus, but was stripped of this title by Marcus Agrippa for cowardice in the Cantabrian War in Hispania.
This Legion was raised by Nero in Italia, the first for almost 100 years, in preparation for planned operations in Ethiopia and Parthia.
This Legion fought in the Cantabrian War and earned its title as a show of appreciation by Augustus. It was later commanded by the future Emperor Vespasian in Claudius' invasion of
This Legion was awarded its title as a result of its performance in a campaign against Saharan tribes in 19 BCE.
This Legion was raised in the province of Cyrenaica by Marcus Antonius during the Second Triumvirate.
This Legion was raised in Gaul by Julius Caesar for his campaign against Pompey the Great.
This Legion gains its title from its role in the Battle of Philippi in Macedonia, fighting on the side of Marcus Antonius against Caesar's assassins.
This Legion earned its title from its role in repelling an invasion of the Bastarnae in Macedonia under Marcus Licinius Crassus, in 29 BCE.
This Legion was disgraced by the loss of its eagle standard in a raid by Germanic tribes oin Lower Germany in 16 BCE.
This Legion fought under Nero's top general Domitius Corbulo in Armenia over a succession crisis.
This Legion formed the basis for Caesar's force when reconquering the insurgency of Pharnaces in Pontus.
This Legion supported Sulpicius Galba's bid for the throne in 68 CE, and many centurions were assigned to the new Legion Galba raised.
This was one of two Legion's to receive its title as a show of appreciation by Claudius for putting down the revolt of Furius Camillus Scribonianus in 42 CE.
This Legion was raised by Galba in Hispania in order to secure his bid for the throne on his 'long and bloody march' to Roma.
This Legion was one of the Pannonian legions to show its support for Otho in 69 CE.
This Legion served in Claudius' invasion of Britannia, and was eventually stationed at Eboracum after the province was established.
This Legion derives its name from the Strait of Otranto, where it was instrumental in securing the safe passage of three of Caesar's legion across to Achaea to fight against Pompey
This Legion was transferred to Carnuntum in Pannonia in the 60s CE in preparation for Nero's Parthian campaign, previously being posted in Hispania.
This was one of two Legion's to receive its title as a show of appreciation by Claudius for putting down the revolt of Furius Camillus Scribonianus in 42 CE.
This Legion lost its eagle standard in 66 CE at the outbreak of the Jewish Revolt in Judea.
During the Civil War of 69 CE, this Legion declared for Otho, but was notorious for its lack of backbone in both sides, and was put to work building theatres in Italia after Vitell
This Legion is best known for defeating the British rebel Boudicca at the Battle of Watling Street in 60 CE.
This Legion was lead by the future Emperor Titus during the Jewish Revolt.
This Legion was raised by Caligula for his planned invasion of Britannia, but was instead ordered to collect seashells along the Oceanus Britannicus.
This Legion formed the core of the revolt of Julius Civilis in the closing months of 69 CE, whilst isolated by the Civil War on the Rhine frontier.
This Legion was awarded its title after serving in the Pannonian War under Germanicus in 9 CE.
This Legion earned its title for its rapacious behaviour under the command of Alienus Caecina while marching on Roma in the name of Vitellius in 69 CE.
This Legion was originally one of two raised by King Deiotarus of Armenia, who were trained in the Roman fashion, and were combined into one and absorbed into Marcus Antonius' army
This Legion was given its title by Claudius, and is named after his patron deity.

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