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QUIZ: Can you name the ten longest wars in recorded history?

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1337 - 1453Conflict between England and France for control of the French throne.
1568 - 1648Fought by the Netherlands for freedom from Spain.
1950 - PresentFight between bordering Asian countries that has yet to be settled by a peace treaty.
1960 - 1996Brutal civil war between left-wing insurgents and militant governments. More than 200,000 people killed.
1296 - 1328Campaigns led by William Wallace and Robert the Bruce to ensure freedom from England.
1455 – 1485Struggle for control of the English throne between the houses of Lancaster and York.
1618 – 1648Fought for a variety of reasons ranging from religion to territorial expansion. Involved most of Europe.
1640 – 1668Fought to rid Portugal of the Spanish dual monarchy.
1975 – 2002Caused by a post-independence power struggle between competing political organizations, the MPLA and UNITA.
1558 – 1583Fought between Ivan the Terrible's Russia and various northern European countries for control of Baltic region.

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