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QUIZ: Can you name the following bands by the origin of their name?

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Slang for run down inner city neighborhoods where poor people can afford to live. Suggested by Jon Bon Jovi, who shares a hometown with the drummer.
Several rumors surround this Manchester band: a Manchester cab company, a chain of women's clothing stores, a local Indian restaurant and more likely a local club The Beatles playe
Named for the popular beehive hairdo in their home state of Georgia, which was in turn named after an Air Force bomber.
Media jargon for a camera shot showing only the top of someone's shoulders and their head. One of the band members saw this term in a newspaper's T.V. program guide.
Named after a garden center on Route 46 in New Jersey. Many of the band's albums also have 'highway' influence, such as 'Welcome Interstate Managers' and 'Utopia Parkway.'
Named after the line of trucks that took its name from Ransom Ely Olds, founder of Oldsmobile.
The band was heavily influenced by The Byrds and like the American style of this name.
The numerical part of this name is random, but rumors abound: the number of times Al Pacino says 'f***' in Scarface or the numerical coding of R and B, for their hometown.
The New Zealand/Australian trio chose this name from their cramped living conditions at 1902 N. Sycamore Street in Los Angeles while working on their debut album.
This Princeton band got their name from the villain who manifests himself as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters.
According to their frontman, 'The name is in reference to the [thing] itself... and the natural process from which [it] comes from... excrement or waste... into something beautiful
They took the name from a friend's ventriloquist act, which was named after a film starring George C. Scott, which in turn was inspired Don Quixote's reason to attack windmills.
Although they deny that's where the name came from, in the study of dreams, the abbreviation refers to that time during sleep when an observable movement of the eyeball occurs.
The frontman was helping a friend think of a name for a metal fanzine. Of the two choices, he chose Metal Mania, and kept the other for his band.
From the surname of an identity Paul McCartney used to check into hotels while on the road.
After their previous name 'Sex Maggots', was deemed unsuitable for print by local newspapers, their frontman found this name in an ad for a 1960s doll that cried when flipped.
Describes the financial state the band was in when they chose the name.
Their name was 'Earth', and after watching this 1967 horror flick, they named their first song after it. After finding another band was named Earth, they took the song's name.
For some reason they enjoy using themes related to law enforcement, from the lead singer's name, to their drummer's side project, Klark Kent.
After a visit to Berlin where they saw some graffiti mentioning the local prison where there were many hangings, and the bodies would shake and move at the end of the rope.
A combination of a recipe the band's manager read in a book and the band's fascination with the occult. The name is also an anagram of 'Cully's Stout Beer'.
They blindly stuck a pin onto a map of the United States, and it landed on a city in Michigan, located near the base of the Saginaw Bay on Lake Huron.
Named after the novel by German author Herman Hesse.
From a William Blake quote 'If the doors of perception were to be cleansed ev'ry thing would appear to man as it is, infinite'.
Based on a band member's dream. He didn't know which door to use in a public toilet because the signs said this instead of 'Men' and 'Women'

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