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The band is named after the nicknames of two of the lead singer's college choir friends. One had a round face and glasses, looking like an owl and the other had chubby cheeks.
The name comes from two of the band members' last names, as well as the name of a trucking magazine. Stephen King later based his pseudonym after it.
Still an unnamed band by their second show, they asked the audience for suggestions. Also the name of a Simpsons character, although the band was not aware of this until later on.
A deliberate misspelling of a term coined by military strategist Herman Kahn to describe one million deaths, popularized in his 1960 book, 'On Thermonuclear War.'
All of the group members had been recruited from Greenwich Village. The group's manager warns never to add the article 'the.'
A type of spy plane flown during the cold war by the US. However, the lead singer claims it is meant to represent interaction with the audience.
Rumored to be after the lead singer's asthma, it was actually a nickname given to him by his father when he was a toddler; the nickname wasn't because he had asthma.
Named after two of the band members' sister saw the labeling on a sewing machine.
From Virginia Woolf's 'The Mark on the Wall', which reads, 'I wish I could hit upon a pleasant track of thought... very frequent even in the minds of modest, mouse-colored people.'
The bass player used to work at Starbucks coffee and spent many days returning change. Hopefully their next band will be named Moneyback from the lines of people... never mind.
From the novel by Willard Manus, about an eccentric that works in a circus freak show, which band manager, Guy Stevens, had read while in jail.
Named after a boxer who owned the studio they practiced in, who in turn named himself after another boxer.
According to the band's flamboyant frontman, 'It's just a name, but it's very regal obviously, and it sounds splendid... I was certainly aware of gay connotations.'
World War II term used by pilots to describe strange flying objects that flew alongside and sometimes circled their planes.
Named themselves after the slang term for a pep pill called Dexedrine.
Named after the agriculturist who invented the seed drill.
Comes from Britain's 'Unemployment Benefit Form 40', which the band was quite familiar with.
After the mad scientist in the 1967 Jane Fonda movie 'Barbarella.'
Keith Moon suggested it as a joke. He felt the band would go over like a lead balloon. They dropped the 'a' from so Americans wouldn't mispronounce it. (We'd just learned English.)
The band is a mock tribute to the basketball coach and gym teacher at Robert E. Lee High School. He sent some of them to the principal's because their hair touched their collars.
According to the band, part of the name is an acronym for 'Boys Entering Anarchistic States Towards Internal Excellence.'
Mythical river marking the boundary between Earth and Hades; literally means 'hate', ironically, one of the band's members said it was 'the only [name] none of us hated.'
The combination of first names from two Georgia bluesmen. They also considered naming themselves 'Anderson Council' after the last names or, if you can believe it, 'Megadeath.'
There is an Australian Aboriginal tradition of sleeping with a dog for warmth on a cold night. The colder the night, the more dogs. The band also had three lead singers.
The band claims that an Ouija Board told its frontman that it had been his name in a previous life as a 17th century witch. He later adopted the name himself.

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