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QUIZ: Can you name the following bands by the origin of their name?

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The group originally called themselves Mr. Crowe's Garden, after a favorite children's book. They sang under that name until they signed with Def American Records in 1989.
After the boutique where the band was formed, billed as 'Specialists in rubberwear, glamourwear & stagewear'. The boutique is now famous for being the start of the punk movement.
They got their name from the lead singer's dog, who walked with an asymmetric abnormality of the gait.
Not a contraction of 'Brothers Gibb', which is a popular assumption, but rather the initials of two men who helped the group in their early career, Bill Goode and Bill Gates.
They were in a hurry to think up a name before their first gig.
From a childrens' book that the band's twin members used to read when they were kids, subtitled 'The Girls of Good Day Orphanage'.
Rumors abound, but the most popular story is that the lead guitarist's grandmother always had to ask for clarification when it came to band names.
From the 1981 film directed by Hong Kong martial artist Gordon Liu. The group used several audio samples from the film in their 1993 debut masterpiece.
The name was not meant to insult the assassinated brothers, but to quote vocalist Jello Biafra, 'to bring attention to the end of the American Dream'.
Derived from legendary blues hero B.B. King, but the band decided 'King' was at the 'top'.
From a song on the Talking Heads album True Stories. The band claims this was the least annoying song on the album.
From the 1950 Muddy Waters song, which is also the namesake for the famous pop-culture publication.
Slang for a day spent smoking marijuana.
The band's name was chosen due to the way it produced its songs. One recorded instrumental tracks and then sent the DATs to the, sending them back with vocals via mail.
Originally, they were named for the city's transit authority, but after they were threatened with legal action, they shortened it to simply the name of the city.
Originally a Grateful Dead cover band, they got their name from a deliberate misspelling of their drummer's last name.
Members Cee-Lo Green and Danger Mouse couldn't think of a name so they just stole their name from someone's fantasy basketball team, in turn a twist on the name of the 1993 NBA MVP
From the maiden name of the mother of their bass player. Once they learned of the homophone (meaning 'secret lover'), they adopted it, using the name's spelling.
The band's first studio was in the basement of a car repair shop, and they considered themselves to be the 'masters' of the basement studio.
Bass player Brad Smith's father used this term to refer to some hippies who lived in a commune near his house.
From the surnames of their drummer and bassist, even though the bassist hadn't joined the band yet when they were named.
It occurred when the band's provisional name of 'Del and the Dynamos' was misread.
The lead singer claims that his stepmother once beat him for not being able to spell this simple word. Thus the deliberate misspelling, and the common thread of abuse in their song
Originally called 'The Iveys', they changed their name after signing with Apple Records. The name comes from the working title for 'With A Little Help From My Friends.'
Named for the particularly brash brand of American football, coined by Mike Ditka and the Chicago Bears.

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