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HintCapitol NameCountry
In the mouth of Senegal
Filled with Jews
Country that is eaten on thanksgiving (US)
Used to own US, Canada, and Australia
Technically not a country and part of Denmark
Sporcle's favorite country
The country with the country in its capitol
In 2011, lost land to a new country
Country with world's richest man
Location of Timbuktu
Giant ex-communist country
4th largest island in the world
Most corrupt country in Africa
HintCapitol NameCountry
Country with most famous Alexandria
Used to be Upper Volta
North Korea's only ally
Birthplace of Alexander the Great
Currently has 2nd largest ever case of hyperinflation
Starts with Ira
Starts with IND, ens with IA, not India
Germany's puny Southwest neighbor
Homeland of Nintendo
High literacy, lowest internet usage (0%)
One island of this African nation is its capitol's name
This country's capitol contains Spain in its name

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