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What have been Michelle's Jobs throughout the show?
What is the name of Steve's child's mother?
Michelle's best mate
Who is Maria to Michelle?
Who did Steve go behind Michelle's back with in 2008?
What caused Steve to end the relationship in November 2014
Steve's Full Name
What is the name of Michelle's child's dad?
Steve's first apperance?
How many times has Michelle been married including Steve
In what year was Steve's child born?
How many times has Steve been married including Michelle
The aftermath of what event made them get back together?
How many appearances has Michelle had on Corrie as of 15th August 2016
What is the name of Michelle's biological son?
How many appearances has Steve had on Corrie as of the 15th August 2016?
What date did Michelle & Steve get married?
What date did Steve propose?
Michelle's parents?
Steve's parents?
Steve's DOB
Steve's siblings? Twin? Sister?
Who is also carrying Steve's child as well as his wife Michelle?
Michelle's first apperance?
What did Steve use as an alternative to a ring when he proposed to Michelle?
What is the name of the cab firm half owned by Steve and named after a real life Manchester Cab Firm?
Michelle's DOB
In what year was Michelle's child born?
Steve McDonald portrayed by...?
Michelle's Full Name
Michelle's siblings
Name of Michelle's Child
Name of Steve's Child
Steve's first line?
What date did Michelle propose?
Steve's best mate
Michelle Connor/McDonald portrayed by....?
Who did Michelle kiss whilst still married to Steve?
Michelle's first line?
What are the names of Michelle's cousins currently on the street (2016)

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