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What is Tracey's surname?
What is Sharon's surname?
What is the name of Tracey's husband?
What is the name of Sharon's husband?
What is the name of Tracey's eldest son?
Who portrays the character of Tracey?
What is the name of Sharon and Tracey's nextdoor neighbour?
What is the name of Tracey's house?
How long was the prison sentence for Daryll and Chris?
What crime did the boys get sent to prison for?
Who portrays the character of Sharon?
What relation connects Sharon and Tracey?
Where in Essex is Tracey's house first at?
Where in Essex do Sharon and Tracey have to move to in Series 8?
What does Dorien's husband do for a living?
How old does Sharon turn in one episode?
What job does Garthy have?
What is the name of the pool company that Sharon and Tracey work for?
What song do Sharon and Tracey sing and dance to?
Where do Sharon and Tracey go for the karaoke competition?
In the 2014 series, what amount of money does Tracey charge Dorien for rent?
What is the name of the kitchen fitter who Dorien has an affair with?
What is the name of the German mechanic who Tracey falls for?
What campaign do the sisters create to get the boys out of prison?
Who is Dorien's best friend?
In what brand of car does Daryll stash £25,000 in?
How old did Tracey say she would be by the time Daryll is released from prison?
Which TV partnership were Sharon and Dorien inspired by in order to get revenge on a guy?
What causes the 3 girls to get trapped in a car park lock up in the episode titled 'Sunday'
What is the name of the guy Tracey has a drunken fling with?
In the 2014 series where does Sharon work?
What is the name of Tracey's youngest son who is in the first episode of the 2014 series?
Which actor portrays Garthy in the 2014 series?
What is the name of Garthy's Australian step-daughter introduced in the 2014 series?
Apart from robbing banks, what job did Daryll have before he got sent to prison?
Which rock band did Sharon go and see when on a date with a guy?
What was the name of Dorien's husband?
In the 2014 series what reason was Travis expelled from school for?
Which Essex town was in the name of the cleaning business that the 3 girls created?
Which artists song album did Garthy offer to Tracey to borrow in series 1?

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