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Intoxicated due to alcohol consumption
Edge, as of a cliff
Carry or convey
Flashy accessories
Support for an injured arm
Informal vernacular
Slope or tilt
Minimal, barely sufficient
(Of poetry) Conforms to metrical rules
Extends over or across
Connery, Penn, and Bean
What ends might justify
Sounds indicating suffering
Sums of borrowed money
Puts film into a camera or bullets into a gun
'Where we're going, we don't need _____'
Peruses written material
Tears apart
Magritte and Descartes
Units of heredity
Rank between family and species
Roman goddess of love
Lists of foods you can order
Decreased by
Blanket aficionado in comics
One-dimensional things
Has a meal
Seedy bars or clubs
Birds associated with peace
Small bays or other sheltered nooks
Don't judge a book by this
Crouch in fear or shame
Machine for cutting grass
One who plants seeds
Not under the influence of alcohol or other drugs

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