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Can you name the main locations in the Seven Kingdoms?

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HintPlaceExtra info
Stronghold built to defend against the raiding ironmenSeat of House Mallister
Motte-and-bailey wooden castle in the NorthRuled by House Glover
Set of castles on both sides of the Green ForkRuled by House Frey
Major city/port of the WesterlandsRuled by a cadet branch of House Lannister
Main stronghold of the StormlandsSeat of House Baratheon
Stronghold that guards the passes from the West to the RiverlandsSeat of House Lefford
Main stronghold of the ReachSeat of House Tyrell
Fortifications that guard the entrance to the ValeSmashed a dozen armies in the Age of Heroes
Capital of Westeros and the Seven KingdomsLocation of the Iron Throne
Small town north of King's LandingRuled by the House of the same name
Main stronghold of DorneSeat of House Martell
Ruined collection of towers in the NeckSupposedly built by the Children of the Forest
Castle founded by a younger son of the then-King in the NorthSeat of House Karstarks
Huge ice Structure along the northern border of the Seven KingdomsBuilt to defend the realms of men from wildlings and White Walkers
Major city/port of the ReachOldest city in Westeros, ruled by House Hightower
HintPlaceExtra info
Major city/port of the NorthRuled by House Manderly
Town named for where Florian first saw JonquilRuled by House Mooton
Main stronghold of the Iron IslandsSeat of House Greyjoy
Main stronghold of the NorthSeat of House Stark
Largest castle in the Seven KingdomsSaid to be cursed and haunted
Major city/port of the ValeRuled by House Grafton
Major stronghold of the CrownlandsOriginal seat of House Targaryen
Castle on the southern shore of Dorne, home of the greatsword DawnSeat of House Dayne
Main stronghold of the Vale of ArrynSeat of House Arryn
Strong stone castle on the shores of lake in the BarrowlandsSeat of House Talhart
A port town, made infamous for its defiance against the kingRuled by House Rykker
The ill-omened castle said to contain the flayed skins of enemiesRuled by House Bolton
Main stronghold of the WesterlandsSeat of House Lannister
Main stronghold of the RiverlandsSeat of House Tully
Main fortress for the Night's WatchIs at the northern end of the kingsroad

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