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Pierce's stepdaughter
This concert was cancelled and was notified by all black students
Jeff's father
The highschool Annie and Troy went to
Vaughn's full name
The first ever movie we see Abed reference
Which leg did Pierce break when he landed in the dumpster?
Pierce's about-to-be eighth wife (Asian girl)
The type of religious person Chang's brother is
The holiday when Dean Pelton dressed as Lady Gaga
Shirley's husband
Professor Michelle Slater teaches this class
Professor Professorson is actually this person
That crazy old former Anthropology teacher who preceded Ian Duncan
Troy dressed like this to help Abed's chances with the fry cook interview
Jeff gave this nickname to Dr. Rich in Pottery
Magnitude is also known as the..
Troy's lovable monkey
Shirley's baby's full name
Shirley was this person during Halloween
Chang was this person during Halloween
The store Annie lives right above
Duncan was rooting for this team during Valentine's Day in Jeff's apartment
Magnitude's age

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