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Forced Order
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Carry on my wayward son
City of sin
Elle Fanning's little sister
This man is on Mt. Rushmore
Don't chu know now, Bob-o?
The ____ less traveled
This is Sparta!
Hall of fame 49ers and Chiefs quarterback
If you cheer for a team you'll wear a _____
The colonel would be rolling over in his grave
A-Team went awo'l'
Time zone shmime zone
Left of the state for lovers
For lovers
Sweeeeeet __________, good times never felt so good!
Chuctow for 'red people'
This loves company
Confidence man
Shares the name with a neighbor
Crayola crayons
I get paid to live here? Sweet!
Princess Di
Self aware
I'm going to pump. you. up!
That was a cheap purchase
Cheesy pick up line
Elle Fanning's big sister
You da hoe!
Looks like a 'V' on the map
Everyone thinks our biggest city is 'windy'
Sweeeeeet __________, but the other one
Popular honeymoon spot
Children of the Corn
Wedding two plots of land many mormons. Oh and the Olympics
Hello there!
Frodo & Sam just wanted to return here
____ the dots
Favorite state of every senior citizen
If you're Catholic you go to ____
You have died of dysentary
Sinatra loved it here
Wait, so Dracula doesn't live here?
You're my _____ man!
Retired Chinese basketball star
R.I.P. Ray Charles
Life is like a box of chocolates
Everything's bigger
Noah's _____

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