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Can you name the items you receive after defeating a dungeon's final boss in the Legend of Zelda?

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Legend Of Zelda (All 8 Dungeons)
Ganon's Tower (LoZ)
Adventure of Link Dungeons
East Palace (LTTP)
Desert Palace (LTTP)
Mountain Tower/Tower of Hera (LTTP)
All Link to the Past Dark World Temples
Palace of the Four Sword (LTTP Advance)
Tail Cave (LA)
Bottle Grotto (LA)
Key Cavern (LA)
Angler's Tunnel (LA)
Catfish's Maw (LA)
Face Shrine (LA)
Eagle's Tower (LA)
Turtle Rock (LA)
Color Dungeon (LA)
Deku Tree (OoT)
Dodongo's Cavern (OoT)
Jabu-Jabu's Belly (OoT)
Temple of Light (OoT)
Forest Temple (OoT)
Fire Temple (OoT)
Water Temple (OoT)
Shadow Temple (OoT)
Spirit Temple (OoT)
Ganon's Tower (OoT)
Woodfall Temple (MM)
Snowhead Temple (MM)
Great Bay Temple (MM)
Stone Tower Temple (MM)
Inside the Moon (MM)
Gnarled Root Dungeon (OoS)
Snake's Remains (OoS)
Poison Moth's Lair (OoS)
Dancing Dragon Dungeon (OoS)
Unicorn's Cave (OoS)
Ancient Ruins (OoS)
Explorer's Crypt (OoS)
Sword and Shield Maze (OoS)
Spirit's Grave (OoA)
Wing Dungeon (OoA)
Moonlit Grotto (OoA)
Skull Dungeon (OoA)
Crown Dungeon (OoA)
Mermaid's Cave (OoA)
Jabu-Jabu's Belly (OoA)
Ancient Tomb (OoA)
Dragon Roost Cavern (WW)
Forbidden Woods (WW)
Jabun's Cavern (WW)
Earth Temple (WW)
Wind Temple (WW)
All Four Swords Adventure Temples
Sea of Trees (FS)
Talus Cave (FS)
Death Mountain (FS)
Deepwood Shrine (MC)
Cave of Flames (MC)
Fortress of Winds (MC)
Temple of Droplets (MC)
Palace of Winds (MC)
Dark Hyrule Castle (MC)
Temple of the Ocean King I (PH)
Temple of Fire (PH)
Temple of the Ocean King II (PH)
Temple of Wind (PH)
Temple of the Ocean King III (PH)
Temple of Courage (PH)
Ghost Ship (PH)
Temple of the Ocean King IV (PH)
Goron Temple (PH)
Temple of the Ocean King V (PH)
Temple of Ice (PH)
Mutoh's Temple (PH)
Temple of the Ocean Kind VI (PH)
Forest Temple (TP)
Goron Mines (TP)
Lakebed Temple (TP)
Arbiter's Grounds (TP)
Snowpeak Ruins (TP)
Temple of Time (TP)
City in the Sky (TP)
Palace of Twilight (TP)
Hyrule Castle (TP)
Tower of Spirits I (ST)
Forest Temple (ST)
Tower of Spirits II (ST)
Snow Temple (ST)
Tower of Spirits III (ST)
Ocean Temple (ST)
Tower of Spirits IV (ST)
Fire Temple (ST)
Tower of Spirits V (ST)
Sand Temple (ST)
After Sand Temple (ST)
Tower of Spirits VI (ST)
Demon Train (ST)

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