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Quiet girl is bullied at camp. Bullies begin dying one by one. Quiet girl has big secret
Documentary crew follows wannabe slasher killer as he prepares for his big night
Why haven't you checked the children?
Ozploitation film about a murderous bushman who hunts tourists. Based loosely on real killer
Not all is calm, not all is bright when the calls are coming from inside this sorority house
Murderous art teacher whose weapon of choice is an ascot in this Italian slasher
A prank goes horribly wrong, leaving the victim with acid burns. Several years later, those responsible are invited back to the school for one final reunion
A deranged madman bearing a giant drill attacks a group of girls hanging out overnight
We'll tear your soul apart with hooks if you solve the puzzle
An Egyptian spell brings these killer dolls to life, who begin hunting a group of psychics fifty years after the death of their creator
A seance at a local mortuary during a party unleashes a demon who possesses the outcast girl leading the party
Be careful what you wish for if you free this evil genie
A crazy killer begins killing the town virgins as punishment for a past wrong
A lonely man with a talent for filming kills using a blade in his camera's tripod
Be prepared for bees if you say his name five times
A traumatized killer Santa attacks the naughty ones
A deformed killer attacks a group of tourists during a Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans
Coconut Pete will be your guide on a crazy party island in Costa Rica while a killer stalks the staff and guests
A killer in a miner's outfit stalks the residents of a coal mining town in Canada in the middle of February
A killer gets revenge for the death of a young girl during the school's big dance

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