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If you steal something a meteor will fall on your house and you will perish.
Bill says that cars require gas to drive. Jimmy says that Bill has acne and we should not believe him.
Either you're pro life or you murder babies.
Drake never lies. Just listen to his song 'No Lie.'
Hey Ted did you tell Gretchen that you watch her sleep.
My dad says god is made of bacon, listen to him because my dad is a pastor.
I I flew to mars on laser shooting lizard smurf last Wednesday. You can't prove I didn't, so I did.
Why should I listen to you, you smoke. Yeah, well you're fat.
We should all smoke Weed because weed is natural, and painkillers are artificial.
Jefferson says no true American eats cheese. Washington says he is an American and eats cheese.
Rex points to a chart that shows baby death in Africa is higher than in America, and that Americans make more money than Africans so American income causes baby death in Africa.
After Carlos said he was pro-choice and didn't support the death penalty. Willie said it was stupid that he wanted to murder small children and release murderers.
Everyone is cutting for Beiber so, so should I.

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