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Can you name the Mass Effect Trilogy Characters

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Quarian squad member
Turian squad member
Geth squad member
Salarian squad member
Crazy Human biotic squad member
Asari squad member aged 109 in ME3
Former Captain of the Normandy SR1
Captain of the Normandy SR1 and SR2
Tank bred Krogan squad member
Origional Krogan squad member
Genetically modified Human squad member
Human squad member found in the armoury
Drell squad member
Human thief squad member
Human bounty hunter squad member
Normandy AI
Normandy Pilot
Male Human squad member who can die on Virmire
Human who likes stategy games
Human squad member found in the shuttle bay
Asari justacar squad member
Human squad member found on Eden Prime
Normandy shuttle pilot
C-SEC officer
Human soldier who dies on Eden Prime
Normandy doctor
Alternative Normandy doctor
Human councilor
Commander of Alliance military
Female Normandy engineer

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