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Photoreceptor which responds at high levels of light and is excellent at discriminating in fine detail
Cues of depth perception that are available to each eye alone
The tendency to group close and similar things together
Theory which states that detecting a stimulus requires making a judgement about its presence or absence
The minimum amount of change required in order to detect a difference between intensities of stimuli
The minimum intensity of stimulation that must occur before one can experience a sensation
Part of the eye where cones are densely packed
Photoreceptor which responds at low levels of light and is bad at discriminating in fine detail
Principle that humans are excellent at detecting faces but only when right-side up
Any of the three principles of color vision
Cone most sensitive to red light
The tendency to see contours even when they don't exist
Thin inner surface in the back of the eye which transduces light into neural signals
Cone most sensitive to blue light
A cue of depth perception that is caused by the distance between a person's eyes
Part of the eye that brings in light
Illusion that usues parallel lines to change size perception
The tendency to complete figures that have gaps
Cone most sensitive to green light
The appx. number of cones in the eye
Depends on the distance object is from the observer
Part of the eye that controls the pupil as well as eye color
The appx. number of rods in the eye
Gestalt principle which states that the tendency is to interpret intersecting lines as continuous
Illusions that make two corners of a room appear the same distance
Part of the eye that bends light
Part of the eye that contracts or dilates to see
A visual process in which adjacent photoreceptors tend to inhibit one another which helps with edge detection
The system our vision divides by; illustrated by reversible and ambiguous figures
A principle which employs that in a visual search task, the target stimulus will pop out

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