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Forced Order
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Led by Ella Baker, a militant activist group that represented younger generations of civil rights promoters.1962
Formed to repeal anti-abortion laws, with the thought that doctors should not make abortion decisions, women should.1968
Speech which called for a new left 1962
A non-violent civil activist group lead by Martin Luther King Jr1960s
Also known as AIM, Native Americans left prisons with determinations to change policies on racism and religious freedoms.1968
Johnson’s justification for sending more American troops to Vietnam, claimed it was “open aggression on the high seas.” 1965
a long-term patient but firm and vigilant containment of Russian expansive tendencies.No Specific Year
budget cuts in a range of anti-poverty programs and welfare benefits including housing subsidies, child nutrition programs, food stamps, public assistance, student loans, low-incom1981
outlawed any discriminatory voting practices that had kept African Americans disenfranchised in the South. Ex: literacy tests. 1965
Bombing of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, designed to cut off supplies to Northern Vietnam. The goal: attrition1960s
Challenged Texas law that allowed for abortion only if it affected woman’s health in a life or death situation. Created the first trimester choice formula. 1973
An activist group lead by James Farmer that promoted a non-violent but direct confrontation. Most centers were in the Northeast and West Coast1960s
Rides from DC to the Deep South on greyhound buses with people of color sitting in the front of the bus. Confronted mobs, arrests, etc.1961
provided college or vocational education for returning vets (not women) as well as one year of unemployment compensation1944
A violent, college campus based anti-Vietnam march 1967
Signed by Nixon with the Soviet Union to slow the rapid growth of nuclear warheads.1972
Johnson’s program, which started Head Start, Upward Bound, Job Corps, VISTA, and the Office of Economic Opportunity. However, it was viewed as class warfare by local governments.1960s
outlawed racial segregation in schools, public places, government, and employment; invalidated southern Jim Crow laws.1964
Supreme Court Case, which was decided unanimously, that separate but equal has no place in education. Unfortunately, it did not give a deadline and did not desegregate other public1954
organization to promote feminist women’s participation in all levels of the political system. Focused on reproductive rights, passage of the ERA, and affordable childcare.1971
Gave economic and military aid to Greece and Turkey to help “free people” in their fight against totalitarian regimes1947
required equal pay for equal work (gender-wise) but left out domestic and agricultural work and had no form of enforcement. However, it was the first federal law against sex discri1962
did away with the quota system and opened the way for immigration from Asia.1965
agreed that all members could/should retaliate or assist in defense if another member is attacked.1949
The new left adopted civil liberties such as free speech and turned them into a radical protest 1964
tightening alien exclusion and deportation laws and allowing for the detention of dangerous, disloyal, or subversive people in times of war. Required communists to register with at1950
Passed both houses, intended to amend the constitution so that discrimination could not occur on the account of sex. Powerful movements against it caused it not to pass state legis1972
Also known as the loyalty order, established the Federal Employee Loyalty Program to root out any communists or communist sympathizers in federal government. 1947
Executive order, which mandated the desegregation of the military 1948
A non-violent approach to desegregation, overturned segregation of city buses1955
Combatted Nato and upheld the Soviet Regime1955
a dominant metaphor for Soviet Power in Eastern Europe 40s Onward
Native Americans (Sioux) occupied Mount Rushmore staking their claim on the Black Hills which were theirs in the first place. 1970
Considered the NAACP of women, intended to bring women into full participation in American society and making sexes equal. 1966
cut taxes for corporations and high wage earning individuals with the thought that it would “trickle down.”1981
triggered by a boycott by OPEC, a barrel goes from 3 dollars to 12 dollars in 5 days and peaked at 34 dollars a barrel. Reflected the defeat in the Vietnam War.1973
9 Colored students admitted to a white school in Little Rock by board of ed. Governor ordered Arkansas national guard to keep them out, Eisenhower retaliated with paratroopers to e1957
Native Americans occupied the Bureau of Indian Affairs building to combat the years of broken treaties the US government made with them.1962

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