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This family of enveloped dsDNA viruses with icosahedral nucleocapsids may take up a latent state in their host, forming a lifelong association with the virus
The NS1 protein interacts with the polymerase complex, preventing its function
Even though two infected monolayers may have received the same number of viral particles, those which were passed at high multiplicity will cyclically result in fewer PFP due to:
They discovered Viral Splicing in Adenoviridae by hybridizing hexon gene mRNA to DNA and noticing the loop outs, which were introns
Vaccinia codes for a this protein, a homolog of part of eIF2-alpha, the main target of PKR
HPV (a polyomavirus) vaccines (against types 15+18) are made by inducing this organism to produce empty viral capsids
Influenza DIPs disrupt replication because of a defective _____ subunit which outcompetes the normal protein
A protein which, in the IFN induction pathway, forms an active dimer when it binds dsRNA and activates NFkB, leading to IFN production
A compound which, when phosphorylated, mimics a nucleotide and terminates DNA synthesis; phosphorylated by a thymadine kinase present only in Herpes-infected cells
Herpes viruses produce these as a defense mechanism against IFN Action:
He infected mice with viruses and then injected them with anti-IFN, resulting in increased lethality and demonstrating the power of IFN
This element bound by NFkB and then binds the ISRE in the nucleus to produce IFN action-related gene products
It was discovered that dsRNA induced IFN through experiments with these complimentary RNA compounds (answer: nucleotide letters)
The most efficient inducer of IFN is a DIP of this virus
This compound can separate HeLa cells from a plate while leaving the underlying HA molecules attached to be visualized
(True/False):RNAse L preferentially degrades ssRNA which is closely associated with dsRNA
(True/False): Adding a VSV gene to a pox virus and infecting a human with it will result in Ab against VSV
The strain of Herpes which causes Mononucleosis in America, but causes Burkitt's Lymphoma in areas with endemic malaria
As IFN levels in the blood rose, the number of vaccine 'takes' for measles ____
In the IFN action pathway, elevated PKR levels remain latent until dsRNA is present, at which point it phosphorylates __, stopping translation
By infecting cells with a virus without a CPE (HAD-), waiting, and then challenging them with a virus with a CPE (HAD+), these appear on the plate
The set of polyoma genes which promotes transformation when inserted into the cell as one continuous segment
The largest family of conventional viruses, these dsDNA viruses code for over 100 proteins and contain many TFs and Defense Mechanisms
These poxvirus proteins allow for viral replication
Mouse Mx accumulates in the ___; Human Mx accumulates in the ___
(True/False): IFN Suppressing viruses are less sensitive to IFN action
DIPs may be separated from PFPs with this technique, involving a sucrose density gradient
New membrane is added to cells at these end segments, making these the areas where HA is most likely to first appear
Herpes viruses produce proteins in three stages, each of which translocate to the nucleus to promote the production of the next stage; the first stage is called:
(True/False):Poxviruses (dsDNA) induce IFN through mechanisms not involving dsRNA
DIPs form in VSV because of a 5' end of the -RNA strand which transcribes a portion of the ___ gene, which then binds cellular transcriptase at high affinity
Latent Herpes RNA forms this shape in the nucleus of infected neurons:
Strains specific virus interference which occurs when viruses are continuously passed at high titers
Molecule produced by Polyomaviruses which pushes cells to the S phase, needed for viral replication
IFN acts as a natural ____, stimulating slow antigen release and increased antibody production
The strain of Herpes responsible for chicken pox/Varicella Zoster Virus
Poxviruses are fairly resistant to Antibody because they exit cells by _____, passing immediately into adjacent cells
(True/False): Even if a cell is infected with an del-NS1 mutant, infection levels will remain high if the host lacks the PKR gene
The incredible stability of Herpesviridae allows for this technique to track the source of the infection
A trisomy of this chromosome, which produces the IFN receptor, will result in increased effectiveness of IFN
A protein produced by flu viruses which suppresses IFN induction by 'sponge'ing up cellular TFs
A homolog of the IFN-gamma receptor produced by myxoma virus, which reduces sensitivity to IFN
A protein in the IFN action pathway which, when activated with dsRNA, produces a protein which dimerizes and activates RNAse L
(True/False): Vaccinia can protect co-infecting viruses from IFN effects by inhibiting PKR
IFN-gamma upregulates the ____ Transcription Factor for IFN-alpha/beta, thereby increasing their effectiveness
These poxvirus proteins produce a second stage uncoating; others exit the cell and stimulate adjacent cell growth; DNA not yet replicating
This type of transcription of PFP RNA produces enough capsid proteins for DIP export in the absence of secondary transcription
(True/False): Interferon production in chicken embryos increases with time
A family of dsDNA viruses with circular supercoiled DNA wrapped around cellular histones
(True/False): Cells which receive more than one VP still produce IFN
IFN Receptors function via _____ pathways, ultimately phosphorylating IkB and thus activating NFkB
Cells induced to produce IFN are also induced to produce this compound to degrade the dsRNA
Proteins (Transcription Factors) abundant in Herpes viruses which are coded for by the virus
1 Unit of IFN is defined as the amount which results in a __% reduction in plaque formation
A gene which is activated by IFN, the product of which binds the flu virus nucleocapsid, blocking transcription of the genome
Interferon secondary structure contains 5 of these elements
(True/False): Cells which receive one IP do not always produce a full IFN yield
According to target theory, polyoma transforming activity declines more slowly than IP activity because _______ is the only target for transformation inhibition:
The protection of cells infected with an HAD- virus against HAD+ viruses is _____ Interference
Molecule produced by Polyomaviruses which binds p53, preventing apoptosis, promoting transformation
The set of polyoma genes which promotes VP Production/Apoptosis when inserted into the cell as one continuous segment
Adenoviruses have this gene, which produces small dsRNA molecules that bind but do not activate PKR
Vaccinia codes for this protein, which mimics PKR's ability to bind dsRNA ; adding a Reovirus gene to a deletion mutant replicates this function
This 'fishing' technique was used to distinguish between the two hypotheses of how DIPs functioned
(True/False): Production of DIPs depends on co-infection of the cell with complete virus
The discoverers of IFN
A name for the secreted virulence factors of pox viruses
The interaction between different IFN families in a cell is described as:
Sustained Large T Antigen production is necessary to maintain a transformed cell, leading to a continuously fluorescent ______ when the LTA is GFP-tagged
A poxvirus used by Burnett to control the Australian rabbit population
NS1 (which also sequesters dsRNA) deletion mutants are equally sensitive to IFN action, but produce ___ IFN than normal virus
When chicken IFN was reverse transcribed into green monkey kidney cells and sequenced, the protein was found to have __ cysteines and __ glycsylation sites
Outbreaks of this virus demonstrate the dangers other poxviruses pose in a world where no one is immune to smallpox, as poxviruses have common Ags provideing blanket pox immunity

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