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A disease contracted accidentally during treatment/operation
A human Satellite Virus
For cells given a given multiplicity, more cells will die in a sample containing more of these
A detergent used to extract RNA
A paramyxovirus which binds sialic acid receptors, bringing cells close together; generally UV inactivated as HA proteins will still function
Attached to the 5' end of VSV mRNA so that the cell will begin to translate it
The poliovirus receptor, not present in mouse cells
A compound which causes cell nuclei to clump against the cell wall
The transcriptase complex consists of these four molecules, in alphabetical order
A compound which prevents virus fusion within an endosome
Infectious Prion Protein
A mononegavirales family; ex. Mumps
Researcher who fused mouse and Human cells
Small ssRNA molecules lacking genes for their replication, which modulate the course of an infection
Inhibitor of DNA dependent RNA synthesis
A common lysosomotrope
Normal Prion Protein
A technique where individual cells are fished out, infected, plated on a monolayer, and the number of IP's/cell is counted
The order of VSV genes from 3' to 5'
A Rhinovirus receptor which requires interaction in the virus 'canyon' for appropriate viral attachment
An abundance of this gene product causes the VSV transcriptase to ignore intergenic sequences
A +/- dsDNA virus which contains its own transcriptase
Protein which leads polio genome into the cytoplasm
A mononegavirales family; Incoporates into host cell genome
A dye which will inactivate viruses unless taken up into a cell; used to assess rate of virus entry
The order under which VSV falls
The process of removing a nucleus from a cell
A fusion of two cells, as with sendai virus
The cell type in the respiratory tract which releases tryptase, cleaving HA of influenza
A mononegavirales family; ex. Ebola
A Satellite RNA which modulated that prognosis of Cucumber Mosaic Virus
Method of detecting virus which can detect the production of viruses released from cells into which RNA was forced, controlled by freeze thawing to kill cells
An Adenovirus receptor
An inhibitor of protein synthesis, used to show that VSV has its own transcriptase
A Different Rhinovirus Receptor which is not IgG-like
A mononegavirales family; ex. VSV

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