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Used prisoners to show that yellow fever was a filterable viruses vectored by mosquitos
Found that even after filtration with chamberlain filters, TMV was still infectious, believing it to be a toxin
A set of discrete steps of Sucrose of differing densities to seperate viruses based on density.
Recieved a Nobel prize for believing protein to be the infectious part of a virus
A capsomer which is a trimer of three protomers
Performed similar experiments to Ivanofsky using foot and mouth disease
The use of a continuous sucrose gradient, wherein larger molecules migrate to the bottom faster.
A virus which contaminates a sample unintentionally
A bacteria which lacks a cell wall and frequently contaminates cell cultures
The polio viral protein present on 3-fold axes
Cells which cannot divide but aid in the growth of single cell colonies
Proteins associated with nucleic acids
Primary viral gene products
The polio viral protein present on 5-fold axes
Discovered bacteriophages and the plaque assay
Extended Ivanofsky's experiments, believing TMV to be a 'living fluid' which could be precipitated with alcohol.
A glycoprotein protrusion on the surface of a virus
The Spinning of cells at a slow speed to remove cells, leaving the virus in the supernatant.
Portions of an adenovirus which attach to a cell during the first stages of infection.
Antisense RNA which must be transcribed
A capsomer which is a pentamer of five protomers
The first virus to be visualized
The use of heavy metal salts to create a gradient in which viruses move to their own density.
A self assembling structural unit of a virus
A picorna virus known for thousands of years
Used myxoma virus to control the australian rabbit population
The association of RNA within the capsid

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