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Polycomb group genes ___ gene silencing
Showing that the yeast ___ coactivator protein was a HAT provided evidence that acetylation was required for gene ___
SWI/SNF complex uses ___ to travel down the ___ molecule
Which chromatin is more transcriptionally active, euchromatin or heterochromatin?
What type of sequnece keeps some DNA from becoming methylated?
Which class of HDACs does TSA inhibit?
Gal4 can bind nucleosome DNA once ___ has lifted its DBD off the nucleosome surface
What percentage of mRNAs can be regulated by an miRNA?
Prognosis for cancer patient with low HDAC activty:
Which X chromosome in females is highly acetlyated?
Where does the methyl group for histone methylation come from?
Which HMT methylates histone H3K4?
__ is used to determine rotational phasing, while ___ is used to determine translational phasing
___ describes the position of the octomers
What type of gel system can be used to enumerate the number of acetlyated lysines on a histone protein?
What is the ATPase subunit of the Rsc chromatin remodeling complex?
The miRNA strand chosen to target an mRNA has __ base pairing at the 5' end.
p15 ___ RNA silences the ___ in tumors
Which HMT methylates histone H3K27
An ammended SILAC method:
___ is an endonuclease that cleaves linker DNA
Which DNMT is a de novo DNA methyltransferase?
(T/F): SWI mutations only affect mating type and have no other defects.
What does SILAC stand for?
As yeast age, circular fragments of ___ accumulate. This can be blocked by increased ___ gene expression
How many bp are assosciated with a nucleosome?
Do GCN4 and GCN5 both contain a DBD?
DNA with a high density of CpGs is associated with the decreased ___ of cytosines
List 5 elements of mRNA structure
Which type of miRNA gene targeting is most common in mammals? Degradation or inhibition?
The SAGA complex forms a bridge between ___ proteins and proteins in the ___
Which histone methylation is found in pericentromeric DNA?
The ___ domain is found in many proteins associated with HMTs
List 2 HDAC inhibitors
Where does the acetyl group for histone acetylation come from?
Rather than removing the nucleosome from DNA, SWI/SNF alters the ____ of DNA on the nucleosome
What does bisulfite convert unmethylated cytosine to?
mRNA circularization offcurs as the result of an interaction between two proteins:
Name two classic endocrine receptors
Which HMT methylates histone H3K9
The ___ sequencing assay is used to determine whether or not a cytosine is methylated
2 mRNA molecules with AU-rich elements in their 3' UTR:
List the Class I HDACS (1-8)
The basic repeating structural unit of chromatin is the ___ which contains __ histone proteins present at __ copies
Class II HDACs can shuttle from the ___ to the ___
Class ___ HDACs were identified as art of the aging pathway
Class III HDACs like Sir2 require ___ to deacetylate histones
What DNA sequence is methylated in mammals?
The ___ group gene products are chromatin associated proteins required for repression of clustered homeotic genes
HATs acetylate the ____
The ___ mutants do not allow haploid yeast to switch mating types.
Are most CpG dinucleotides methylated?
___ contain de-capping enzymes, while ___ do not
Trithorax group genes ___ gene silencing
___ can be used to determine which groove of the DNA is facing the nucleosome
How many times does DNA wrap around the nucleosome?
Which groove does DNAse I cut?
During myogenesis, class II HDACs regulate the activity of the ___ TF
SWI mutants cannot switch their mating type because they can't activate expression of the ___ gene
Class I HDACs are frequently overexpressed in ___ cells
What enzyme processes a stem loop RNA into an miRNA?
mRNA circularizes when 5' and 3' ends interact. This is thought to promote ____ and increased translation efficiency
Which Ago protein will cleave target mRNA if a perfect match with the miRNA is formed?
DCP2 is the
What type of phosphodiester bond is found in an mRNA cap?
Methylation at H3K__ is associated with gene silencing, whereas H3K__ methylation is associated with gene expression
Purified GCN5 can acetylate ___ but must be in a ___ complex to acetylate nucleosomes
What are the four human chromatin-remodeling machines?
Which DNMT is a maintenence DNA methyltransferase?
mRNA facilitates ___ recycling and makes ___ more efficient
Which tetrahymena nucleus is highly aceylated?
CpG ___ are usually found near ___ and will remain unmethylated
Enzymes that catalyze the acetylation of histones are called
For transcription in vitro, what must be added first, TFs or nculeosome?
The GCN5 coactivator in the cell is part of a large complex called the ___complex
A stress granule stores ___ and prevents it from being ___
The histone ____tetramer forms the center of the nucleosome
Two proteins which bind HP1:
mRNA will form a ___ to interact so proteins can bind to the ___ and ___
The TRX group proteins silence genes by methylaing promoter-associated nucleosomes at ___
Mutations in the ___ genes can suppress mating switch mutations in yeast.
What enzyme processes pre-miRNA to a stem loop?
In SILAC, proteins are distinguished by ___ due to the incorporation of ___
MLL/SET I acetylates H3K_ and associates with the ____
Drosha is located in the ___
(T/F): H3K6 methylation is more complex in plants than fungi/animals
Where on mRNA do miRNAs usually bind
What was the first HAT to be identified? What species was it from?

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