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Receptor which interacts with HIV
A failure to maintain self tolerance
Test which may be used to diagnose HIV
Cells which supress autoimmune disease
Main Site of damage due to Type III Hypersensitivity Reaction
Term for maintainence of self-tolerance in tissues with few naive T-cells
The proccess of isolating autoreactive t cells and injecting them to create a B-cell/T-reg response
Neoplasia which maintains a differentiated state
A kinase which assosciates with zeta upon TcR engagement/proto-oncogene
A carcinoma with an embryonal carcinoma in its center
A single gene defect causes this disorder, with a SLE phenotype
Toxic molecule which may be conjugated to an Ab against tumor Ag
Assay which tests for carcinogenicity
MHC Class I genes, which are codominant
Dandruff causing fungus
Hypothesis which suggested that the immune system eliminated most tumors
A tyrosine phosphotase/proto-oncogene
Maps phenotype versus genetic markers
Cytokine receptor which is a coreceptor for HIV
Genes which affect traits in an analog manner
Two common HIV treatments which only protect uninfected cells, as infected cells no longer need reverse transcriptase
Mice used as humanized mouse models
A defect in granule management leading to defective NK/Mast Cells, equivalent to beige mice
Surface proteins of HIV
A lymphocyte acttivated outside the body and re-inserted to kill tumors
Neoplasia which de-differentiates; invasive
Camera used in immunodiagnosis of cancer with radioactive anti-tumor Abs
Complex which mediates siRNA cleavage of targer sequence
Tumor rejection is primarily a _____ T-Cell respons
CD4+ T-cells secrete this cytokine after engaging an APC in tumor rejection
A method of treating autoimmune disease which interferes with protein-protein interactions
Heritable Immunodeficiencies
Cleaves target mRNA in a sequence specific manner
Tolerance created by negative selection in the thymus
Virus which may be cross-reactive with insulin receptors
The defective protein in nude mice, leading to a failure in thymic development
Type IV Hypersensitivities are mediated by _______ which secrete ______
Enzyme which integrates viral HIV DNA into human genome at random
CD4+ Cell surface marker which internalizes upon binding, allowing for siRNA internalizing
The human equivalent of nude mice
A common cytokine receptor, the lack of which prevents B and T cell signalling activity
Proccess in which blood is removed from the patient, centrifuged, replaced w/o immune cytokines
Phenotype resulting from injecting apoptosis-treated thymus into syngenic mice
Autoimmune disorder directed against self DNA
A single heavy chain antibody which spontaneously forms and Ag binding pocket, very stable
A reaction consisting of mixing two cell populations and observing proliferation via radiolabeled DNA incorporation
The single gene defect in GLD is present in this molecule or its receptor
A defect in MHC Class I or II production
An infection derived from an animal
Surface Markers of T-reg Cells
Toxic molecule which alkylates DNA, interfering with immune capacity
Interacts with Immunophilins, Active T cells expressing NF-AT
Term for overhelming of T-cells with self antigen, causing anergy of autoreactive cell
Type III Hypersensitivity Reactions are due to the formation of ________

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