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Plasma proteins which bind corresponding receptors, drilling holes in cell membranes
Inbred strain differing from the reference strain at one locus and surrounding loci
Secreted protein which affects behavior of nearby cells
Granulocyte which stains pink and has a role in innate immunity against parasites
Granulocyte which stains blue and has a role in innate immunity against parasites
Inbred strain differing from the reference strain at a single locus only
Lymphoid Tissues where lymphocytes differentiate
Molecule specifically interacting with an antigenic shape
The process by which blood cells are formed
Type of Variability in antibodies resulting from the random selection of various regions of the genome
Myeloid cell which becomes red blood cells
Myeloid cell which are antigen presenting
Lymphoid cell with a large granular cytoplasm, and is part of the innate immune response
Myeloid cell which carries out phagocytosis of bacterial cells
Lymphoid cell which matures in the thymus and have killing, helping, and activating roles
Lymphoid cell which produces antibodies, and matures in the bone marrow/Bursal equivalent
Granulocyte which stains both pink and blue; have a role in phagocytic innate immunity
Lymphoid Tissues where lymphocytes are stored and exposed to antigen
The allelically encoded region of an antibody
Myeloid cell with a kidney shaped nucleus; an immature macrophage
Myeloid cell which differentiates into platelets
Secreted protein which attracts neutrophils and monocytes from the blood stream to an infection
The specific shape of the antigen binding site
The specific heavy chain of an antibody
Myeloid cell which degranulates to release histamine, causing vaso dillation
Type of Variability in antibodies resulting from the combination of a random light chain and a random heavy chain
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