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Can you name the DBZ Dokkan Battle Cards Dokkan Awakened Through Events?

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Devastating Punishment
Umpire of Annihilation
Swan Song
Fateful Strike
Evil Incursion
Netherworld Demon
Raging Wickedness
Hope-Filled Strike
Victory Clincher
Furious Punishment
Utopia Realized
Rose Stained Super Saiyan
God of Defiance
Hideous Super Saiyan
Eternal Horror
Super Warrior of Destruction
Unleashed Force
Beyond Destiny
Next-Level Strike
The Paramount Saiyan
Cyan Juggernaut
Strength Beyond Gods
Unwavering Conviction
Azure Omnipotence
Humanity's Hope
Unparalleled Super Saiyan
Rampaging Vengeance
Brains and Brawn Combined
Limitless Saiyan
Last-Ditch Battle
Predatory Urge
New Form and Resolve
Glacial Prestige
Catastrophic Rage
Boiling Power
Determined to Fight
Wrath of the Absolute God
Blade of Hope and Dreams
Confident of Victory
Convergent Fury
To a New Future
Dark Intentions
Furious Charge
Chance of a Super Evolution
Courage in the Heat of Battle
Full-Power Salutation
Innocent Onslaught
Phantom Majin Sealed Within
Hero on a Mission
Warrior's True Value
Power to Decimate
Return from the Dark
Transcendent Majin
Destruction Descending
Sluggish Battle Form
Heartless Destruction
Uncontrollable Instinct
Murderous Designs
Trustworthy Rival
The Hope of the Universe
Ultimate Super Saiyan
Inklings of Ultimate Power
Zealous Offensive
Talent's in the Blood
Explosive Evolution
Swirling Ambition
Rising to the Challenge
Mark of Saiyan Strength
Saiyan Counterattack
Limitless Radiance
Unparalleled Golden Ki
True Value of the Potara
Fusion Fighter's Attack
Mystery Super Technique
Clutching Victory
Flawless Technique
Observance of Pride
Power Beyond Right and Wrong
Passion of the Warrior Race
Determined to Evolve
Ascending to Godhood
New Realms of Saiyan Power
Dark Menace
Emperor's Devotion
Zealous Roar
Ruinous Rule
Fire of Vengeance
Golden Malice
Proof of Resurrection
Welcome to Hell
Surpassing All
Ceaseless Terror
Evolved Form
Striking in Harmony
Concentrated Power
Breathless Struggle
The Elusive Beast
Fatal Resolve
Outshining Darkness
The Supreme Warrior
Clever Strategy
Absolute Power
Onslaught of Fire and Fury
Transdimensional Instinct
Drive to Win
Divine Power Within
Flaring Battle Impulse
Crashing Maelstrom
Hopeless Minus Energy
Agent of Destruction
Pinnacle of Chaos
Countdown to Despair
Raging Dash
Tactics Evolved
Strategic Extermination
Love of the Throne
Golden Pair
Fused Super Power
Resurrected Saiyans
Fused Fighting Force
Open the Gates of Hell
Heinous Attack
Almighty Cleave
Naught but Rampage
Reckless Strength
Victory at Hand
Blazing Fusion Warrior
Budding Warrior
Grim Reaper of Death's Rampage
Devastating Fusion Power
Heroic Victory Declaration
True Child Prodigy
Emperor's True Splendor
The Ultimate Android
Power Born of Ambition
Hell-Forged Warrior
Ruled by Bloodlust
Hidden Power Unleashed
Ultimate Power Surge
Exceptional Potential
Hero's Return
Peerless Gleam
New Possibilities
Astounding Transformation
Returning from the Otherworld
Heading for a Showdown
Burgeoning Strength
Mythic Evolution
Recurring Nightmare
Absolute Loss
Wounded Honor
Power to Face Despair
Ruthless Pressure
Grisly Destruction
Shocking Absorption Ability
Universe's Bravest
Wrathful Eruption
Aggregate of Rage

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