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Can you name the killers of some dead characters??

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Forced Order
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Elena Gilbert(Human)Drowned
Stefan Salvatore (Human)Shot
Damon Salvatore (Human)Shot
Caroline Forbes (Human)Suffocated
Matt DonovanDrowned (Temporarily)
Vicki Donovan (Human)Snapped Neck
Vicki Donovan (Vampire)Staked
Jeremy GilbertShot (Temporarily)
SarahSnapped Neck
Aimee BradleySnapped Neck and Spine
Zach SalvatoreSnapped Neck
Giuseppe SalvatoreDrained of blood
Jenna Sommers (Human)Snapped Neck
Jenna Sommers (Vampire)Staked
Anna (Vampire)Staked
Lexi (Vampire)Staked
Alaric Saltzman (Human)Staked like a vampire
Alaric Saltzman (Vampire)Through Elena's death
John GilbertGave his life to Elena through Bonnie's spell
Mr TannerDrained of blood
Katherine Pierce (Human)Hung herself
Andie StarCompelled to jump from a height
Liam GrantDrained of blood
Jonas MartinSnapped Neck
Luka MartinBurned to death
Greta MartinSnapped Neck
Bill ForbesStabbed to death
Richard LockwoodSnapped Neck
BreeHeart extraction
Sheila BennettOverpowered by a spell
Trudie PetersonThrown down stairs
Ben McKitrick (Human)Unknown
Ben McKitrick (Vampire)Burned to death
Logan Fell (Human)Drained of blood
Logan Fell (Vampire)Staked
Emily BennettBurned at the stake
Abby Bennett-Wilson (Human)Snapped Neck
Pearl (Vampire)Shot with a stake
Noah (Vampire)Staked
Isobel Flemming (Human)Drained of blood
Isobel Flemming (Vampire)Burned in the sunlight
Mason LockwoodHeart Extraction
Sage (Vampire)Heart stopped beating (Through Finn)
TroyHeart stopped beating (Through Sage)
Rose (Vampire)Staked after a werewolf bite
Trevor (Vampire)Decapitated head
Slater (Vampire)Compelled by Elijah to stake himself
Frederick (Vampire)Staked
Bethanne (Vampire)Staked
Harper (Vampire)Shot with a stake
Rebekah Mikaelson (Human)Stabbed in the heart
Elijah Mikaelson (Human)Stabbed in the heart
Henrik Mikaelson Mauled
Niklaus Mikaelson (Human)Stabbed in the heart
Kol Mikaelson (Human)Stabbed in the heart
Finn Mikaelson (Human)Stabbed in the heart
Finn Mikaelson (Vampire)Staked with the white oak dagger
Mikael (Human)Stabbed in the heart
Mikael (Vampire)Staked with the white oak dagger
Esther Stabbed in the back

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