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An eye color with row 45 , the part of a plant that grows underground
Pirate's booty
What I cut from Jerri's doll Edith, sorry mom...
The best kind of monkey
Opposite of float
Sections of a chain
A word to describe Olivia's hair
The most important chess piece
What you leave in another car's door before you drive away
What another car might leave in your door
One of the most unsuccessful ventures known to man
If it lives not, it _______
'Jesse's Honor' means you cannot tell ______
Grandma makes the best
Emma's favorite animal
On _____ and needles
A glass of beer
Once Hannah's favorite color
Christmas arbor
To sup, perhaps at Brown Derby
The path from point A to point B
The garnish for every Garl/Smith mixed drink
What passes even as you read this
If it's flat, Wren can fix it, or anything else
A necessary holiday element
A valiant attempt at an organization system
Bathroom flooring
Ebbs and flows
A fork has four
Not yours
A silent clown
This is green, in a certain Tom Hanks movie
A tiny spider
The location of construction
The satisfy something
Not different
What our pets should all be
An unhealthy horse
This eats ivy
Indoor light-giver
A most unpleasant basement
Many water barriers
Many sheep
Many vermine
Many winged vampires
Many ill-advised life choices
An eye color, with row 1

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