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Towards men, the first part with 69
According to SNL, Jews tend towards the Chinese kind on Christmas Eve
Everyone should be in a holiday one
The solstice celebrates the changing of this
Pepper canes a plenty
This much of glogg could be a bit much...
A kick in a Thanksgiving day sport
The pan in which you get your obligatory fruitcake
Ernie's life partner
The menorah did this for 8 nights! Score!
This is how Sarah Mclachlan feels
The only vegetable that's best when made with candy
The middle of what you bob for
What golfers yell
All it takes is a sheet and some chairs to build one
An aperatif
You could get a present from abroad if this office is on time
Someone who takes singing 'Jingles Bells' too far
Hannukah abbreviated is the 'Light ____'
Ye be warned _____ the ghosts of time come again!
What I did with the shopping list!
Thanksgiving Day football disgrace
The tale of St. Nick
Hopefully not in the movie you watch on Christmas Eve, like me (shutter)
This happens to gift wrap, past tense
This should be wrapped in chains to avoid fishtailing
A controlled element over which marshmallows belong
I hope Santa Claus uses these to sort all the wishes
All the presents under the tree could be this
The only kind of smoking instrument ok during the holidays
The tree you want
Southern cornbread
Go to the Northern one to see elves
A fine president
Along with 26 to describe old tales
You do this to paper to wrap a present
The temperature outside
The temperature outside in your dreams
Been naughty? Get ready for a lump
A baby horse
Call me this, but I know Father Christmas but candy in my sock last night
A last resort present for your dad or uncle
Everyone will pay this a lot on the drive to see grandma
Do this to Santa and no one else, if you want the wish to come true
Prepare fields
A credit card note that may ruins New Years
Jingle is a common variety
Santa is too big for this
The best kind of money is the kind you eat
Don't play with 49 too close to the fire or this might happen
Dried milk and an acquired taste
A sailboat's pole
Like a cloud on the ground
The point
A physical manifestation of the holiday spirit- capitalism at its best
A separation
Widespread but not good
It's a good one! says Jimmy Stewart
What you do with 59
'Tis better than receiving
After 60
Do this with ALL the receipts
Traditions are always the...
Hopefully Rudolf is this, or stay off the roof!
It's the greatest of the year
Bathroom floor material
Santa has one night to travel 24,859.82 of these
What makes the flour that makes the cookies
Towards men with 1

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