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Can you name the Emma's Challenge Word Ladder?

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Do this to the door before leaving
Where to fish
A decoy in retreiver competitions
The young one in G-Unit
A Loser, baby
Not a bushel
A heavy pencil poison
Scan words for information
Papyrus material
A fetal plant
Ownership papers
If there was more we'd have a 'Silent Spring'
M&Ms won't do this in your hands
Come oooooon gimmel!
To throw or some nice, warm skin
A school grant
This might save you
Exchange goods for money
A great singer who should be clubbed
___ or no deal.
A way to address Abbey when getting advice
A bosc fruit
An old burning material
A french bridge
Delicious cornbread
When perishable food is between 40 and 140 degrees for more than 2 hours it is in the danger _____

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